Jung Ah graduate


Jung Ah graduate

Jung Ah telah resmi graduate dari After School. Pledis Entertainment menegaskan bahwa kontrak Jung Ah dengan agency telah menjalankan saja, dan pemimpin akan meninggalkan kelompok gadis setelah 7 tahun.

Pledis menyatakan pada 28 Januari, “kontrak Jung Ah dengan agency telah berakhir, dan telah graduate dari tim.” Agency afterschool  menambahkan, “Saat ini, perusahaan sedang membahas kegiatan After School.”

Jung Ah mulai debut dengan After School pada tahun 2009 dan bersama sejak itu. Dia adalah anggota yang graduate mengikuti Sooyoung, Bekah, dan Kahi.

source: allkpop.com

There is always January after December

         The worse month in 2015. I called the month “the month of hurt”. Hurt in my heart and in my pocket. Imagine that I spent almost five million just one month to pay a college, paying seminar, playing football jersey, etc. It was complicating me who have intermediate finance. In that month I felt the deepest hurt that I never felt before. Actually I ever felt, but not as deep as this.
         I called this month “the month of healing”. Healing me from the hurt from the crisis monetary. In this early month I got some goodness come to me. I hope this will live until the next, next month, next year. Slow, but sure I recovered anything day by day. Try to make myself busy to forget something 
        All in all, do not let the situation bring us to the pessimism. Stay focused, patient and do some efforts. Do not show your sadness to the others just God, you and your believable friend that knows it. Still wish and do effort, believe and make it happened and if your bullet do not hit the deer keep moving on because not only one deer that exist in the jungle.

Dependence of mobile phone


Nowadays, mobile phone is the primary need for all people. Kids, teenagers even adult always have mobile phone in their pocket. Mobile phone is not luxury need anymore.
Mobile phone is very important thing not only for communication but for other utilities for examples browsing internet, playing games, learning media and etc. The sophistication of mobile phone almost equal with laptop. The people prefer bring mobile phone than laptop because more easy to bring more simple because the size is smaller than laptop and you can put in the pocket.
Mobile phone is one of the technologies that created to easier the people. It made for us so we must use it. If we not use it, we will make the technologies that found have no result.
In conclusion, mobile phone is not luxury thing, almost all of people can buy it. Now, it is a primary need for any age.