Assalamualaikum wr wb.

All praises are only for our Almighty God for the goodness, the goodness which is given to us, and the goodness that is uncountable. Wish we are always on His protection.

Good morning my brother and sister, how are you doing? Wish it well. I want to share about my story that significantly changes me. Now, I feel so much better than the last me. It is happened three years ago. I feel like I get something God-magic that influenced me to be better.

I am a last year college student who still struggling in my internship program. The internship program is must-followed program to get my bachelor degree. In the early I never expect that this (internship) will be nice and fun like this. I just imagine about the tasks, the tiredness and other things there. But it completely contradictive with what I just experienced during this one week.

Firstly, I just want to say thanks to my God, for all the things around me. My family, brothers, friends, even my enemy and all the experiences that given by God. Although sometimes it hard to be done and I always grumbling, but I really something for me, changing me to be like this.

I am awake that all of that is God’s plans, and God’s plan is the best plan. Back to the internship. I can feel that my heart and mind is “awaken” to make myself closer and closer with the maker of the world and afterlife. I meet someone, who motivated me so well. Actually that person never motivated me, but I feel motivated because that person’s treat on me.

Then, I am thinking” Is that person crushing on me? “That is God’s plan. I will keep trying and praying, wish it right.

You know that I have bad experience about this things, really bad, changes me badly. The hatred is full on me. Day by day I cannot handle it well. I am so messy. Maybe now I have to be more carefully entering “that games again”, the game of feeling.

Wassalamualaikum wr wb